November 24, 2008

On the first day of Wine Gifts...

Well, my fellow winobees, it's that time of year again -- the smell of pine runs rampant in the air, colorful lights shine throughout the neighborhood, and (in many places) snow glistens on the streetsides. But that's enough for being nostalgic...

We all know that the joys of the season easily pair alongide the stress of holiday shopping. That's why we are attempting to make your spending attempts as seamless and easily executable as possible. Welcome to OenoBee's "12 Days of Wine Gifts," our gift to you for helping find the best gifts for seasoned winos, winobees (like ourselves) and even for your boss (cuz' let's face it, they can always use a drink).

On the 12th day of wine giving, my true love gave to me...

With the constant praise I've been feeding out, it's only appropriate to kick of the "12 Days of Wine Giving" with my own personal favorite, a subscription to Wine of the Month Club.

The Wine of the Month Club is dedicated to providing consumers of all wine levels the education and good wine (at a good price) they deserve. Whether a beginner or expert, their is a membership specificly dedicated to helping diversify your palate.

Your giftmembership is delivered in a beautiful burgundy gift box with a newsletter binder, hand written gift card personalized with your message and Wine Letter. With each subsequent shipment, the wines are delivered in guaranteed pristine condition with a 12 page Wine Letter describing each wine -- where it is from, what and how to serve, tasting notes and much more. Each wine is hand selected from hundreds of wines tasted each month.

Recomended Gifting:
FOUR MONTH "CLASSIC SERIES" MEMBERSHIP - includes delivery of 2 bottles each month. the next 4 months.

Cost: $118.00 (includes free s&h)