November 25, 2008

One the 2nd Day of Wine Gifts...

One the 2nd Day of Wine Gifts, my true love gave to me...

I recently posted a request on Twitter (@oenobee) to some of the top wine connoisseurs asking suggestions on their favorite products suitable for gifting this holiday season. W.R. Tish, former editor of Wine Enthusiast Magazine ( mentioned a terrific book that I thought I would share with each of you... Mark Oldman's Guide to Outsmarting Wine!

For winobees, like myself, itching to learn more about wine, but lacking the patience to do so, this guide synthesizes the top wine buzz into streamlined shortcuts. The book includes quotes and quick nuggets of pertinent wine information, celebrity wine profiles, and a survey on what people like to drink - a great way to help you know what to serve at your next soiree. It's a terrific option for any wine consumer. Consider it adding to my list of stocking stuffers!

Cost: $12.00

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