December 7, 2008

On the Fifth Day of Wine Gifts...

I'm back in action following a few days stint down in Miami for the ever-popular Art Basel exhibitions. While "working" I had the opportunity to sip a few glasses of wine, one '05 Sauvignon Blanc, one '06 Pinot Noir, and various mixed cocktails. Who doesn't love a sponsored party in an art studio or on a rooftop? But, as always, I deviate - and the time has come to return to...

...the fifth day of wine gifts!

For the past few gifts we've put a lot of focus on wine and accessories to wine, but how about those items that are simply complimentary. Take for instance a celebration of wine and... cheese! This unique smooth-turning lazy Susan is the perfect serving tool whether you are hosting a gathering or having a simple romantic night for two. Crafted from an authentic oak wine barrel lid (with original markings), your next wine + cheese tasting is sure to be a festive classic.

Where to Buy:

Cost: $129


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