December 21, 2008

On the Eleventh Day of Wine Gifts

It's a bittersweet time here in WinoBee Land. We are inching closer to the holidays (we're talking single digits people), and as fun as its been to pick some of the best wine gifts for this season, I'm ready to uncork some vino for myself and get to sippin'! Well, not to tease you, but we're just not yet ready - afterall we still have two gifts, so here goes nothing...

On the Eleventh Day of Wine Gifts...
Going to a wine bar or even to classes at a local culinary school are two great outlets for WinoBees, like myself, looking to further expand their knowledge of the various attributes of all sorts of wines. 

But another simple way to do so is in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your friends and family. The folks at BlindWine® developed a fun little wine tasting game that not only challenges your senses and is perfect for hosting a small party of up to 12 people, but it will help you to expand your palate and help you better recognize different grape varietals.

The game includes step-by-step instructions, wine labels, bags (for up to 6 bottles), scoring rules and tools, and more. Who doesn't love a little laughter, competition and learning all mixed into one? Check out this video which explains everything:

Where to Buy:
Cost: $19.99