November 15, 2010

2009 Re Midas Corvina

Some may say I'm a compulsive spender, and hell, the world seems to now cater to my "habit" with impulse sites like Rue La La and Gilt Group (which ironically now have wine deals much like our friends over at Wine Woot).

But the fact of the matter is that despite my "consumption issues" I'm a huge advocate of bargain shopping, so its no wonder I get excited when I find a wine bottle that was a diamond in the rough but on my type of budget.

We introduced you to Re Midas a few weeks ago, a range of indigenous wines from the Veneto region of Italy (compliments of Cantina di Soave) that are both well-priced and easy to drink. We loved their
Re Midas Soave so much, that we knew we needed to try their Corvina which also utilize native grapes and is a perfect option for every day enjoyment.

Re Midas' 2009 Corvina is a medium-bodied red that offers a light viscosity and light ruby color. You'll get a combination of wild flowers and citrus on the nose, but what I admired about this glass the most was its ability to begin earthy on the palate and steadily transcend into a more fruit forward wine by its finish. You'll be delighted by this wine's bing cherry and red raspberry undertones, too! Perfect for pasta or risotto nights and only

Cost: $9.99/bottle
Where to Buy: Columbus Wines
Pair With: Perfect with pasta or risotto!