November 10, 2010

2007 Zeca Mesa Roussanne

By now everyone knows I'm a sucker for red wine. I prefer it. I love its fuller body. I appreciate its robustness. And I adore how well it can be paired during the fall months with heavier food dishes.

But being an open-minded Winobee, I can't always discriminate against my fellow whites. In fact, I recently discovered a white wine that packed just as many as the attributes I noted above and made me start to think about white wines beyond the crisp, summer months. And I couldn't help but laugh when chatting with the folks at Zaca Mesa who described this wine as the "white wine for red wine drinkers." I knew I was on to something!

Enter a 2007 Zeca Mesa Roussanne from Santa Ynez Valley, grown sustainably in Santa Barbara County vineyard. Roussanne... not a grape variety I admit I had heard of before (I mean who thinks of white wines beyond pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay anyway?)

This assertive wine uses hand picked and whole-cluster pressed Roussanne grapes, barrel fermented in French Oak (yum) and then aged sur lie (which is thought to give it more complexity) for 10 months. The result? An intense profile of flavors and weight, but a versatility that captures every season. It pairs with so many different flavors!

The first thing that caught my eye was this wine's yellow golden color. On the nose and palate, a blend of fall fruits, like pears and figs, with an undertone of toasted nuts. There was a tangy bite at the finish, but overall this wine was nicely balanced and offered a slight minerality that makes it a great selection as we move further into November.

Cost: $25/bottle
Where to Buy: Zaca Mesa Winery Shop
Pairing: This wine has a refreshing acidity that would match well with salty foods, and a weight to stand up to rich dishes. Try it with a rosemary roast chicken or lobster risotto.

*Disclaimer: This product was sent by the winery for review. All opinions are 100% from the reviewer's of this site.