July 28, 2009

Tasting Note Tuesday - 2007 DeLoach Pinot Noir

Not to reference Sideways for a second straight post, but I didn't want to hop on the "Pinot Bandwagon" that formed after the movie was released. I fought it. I said... "No way am I going to fall into this trap. I'm a real wine drinker, and I'll drink what I like... not what's in." And fought hard I did, my friends.

But I confess... I lost. I became a pinot fan only months after seeing the movie (for the fifth time). I've written earlier that pinot might just be the perfect wine as it goes well with so many foods... from chicken, to fish, to red meat to hearty winter stews. I can't think of a more versatile wine. And, as you will read in next month's Wine Spectator, 2007 is an excellent year for pinot.

So while many of the usual suspects (Loring, AP Vin, Kosta Browne, Siduri, etc.) turned out awesome reds as they do year-in and year-out, bargain hunters (like myself) will be able to find pretty good pinots for a lot less (under $20 per bottle, as opposed to around $50 for the aforementioned wineries). I went out and got my hands on a few, so I'll follow with some Pinot tasting notes, but readers can do the same. Go to your local wine store and pick up a bottle of 2007 Pinot Noir... try it... and let us know what you thought and post a comment.

2007 DeLoach Pinot Noir, USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley

On the nose, this wine exhibits scents of cherry, earth and oak. One sip, and it is easy to like. Notes of strawberry, blueberry and cola blend nicely and are supported by faint hints of vanilla and cherry. The tannins are firm, but not harsh and in balance with the acidity. The finish is medium in length. A pretty decent pinot from a good year. Not sure I'd pay double the split price ($24), but if I could find it for under $18, I'd probably pick up a few bottles.

Cost: $12/bottle
My take: Very Good