July 12, 2009

'05 Nobilo, Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand

So, even though it's already mid-July, its safe to say that summer is officially upon us (if you live in NYC, like me, you might have thought you were living in rainy London that past few weeks). What better way to celebrate the warm sun beating on your face than with coupling a little pucker to the lips? This 2005 Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc’s grapefruit and citrus flavor with lemon zest after bite will do the trick. Its slow legs imply its light on the sugar and its silvery color parlays to its simple, yet decadent characteristics.

Pairing? Since Sauvignon Blanc typically has a citrus undertone, it’s good to pair with foods of similar acidity. Try a Lemon Pepper Chicken with this bottle and you’ll see how well each item compliments each another.

Retails: $11/bottle
Where To Buy: The Wine Specialist