May 29, 2009

Passport to Drinking... Sign Me Up!

With the economy still dominating the scoreboard against us, many will limit their social excursions this summer for sake of saving a few pennies. But it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your fun. In fact, many (myself included) are adopting the new philosophy that "staying in is the new going out." So why not start a Wine Tasting Club in your neighborhood or among a group of co-workers? It's the perfect excuse to get something social on the calendar while limiting use of the wallet. 

That's where The Traveling Vineyard comes into play. Think of them as the TupperWare or Mary Kay of wine. They host private tastings at your home or can simply ship you all the materials you need to do it yourself.  They're currently offering a Passport Wine Club through June 5th which gives you and your friends the following each month: 
  • 2 glasses of wine per person at each gathering
  • An opportunity to learn about different wine regions and local cuisine (each month is a different place and theme!)
  • Ability to taste varietals from all over the world
Why not increase your appreciation and knowledge of fine wines with this simple, fun and an inexpensive food and wine occasion? 

Need me to put it in perspective for you? A 3-month passport subscription will cost you a total of $120. If you have just 4 people, that's $10 per person a month for a guaranteed night of fun. If you went out to dinner, you'd easily spend that... and some! Plus, it gives you the excuse to show of your sweet pad and brag about the new flatscreen you bought from so-and-so's liquidation sale! 

My friends and I recently implemented "Wine Down Wednesdays" when The Palm was offering 50% off bottles and now we're enrolling in this passport club to keep the momentum going. Everyone needs an escape from economic pressures, and wine is a great, affordable luxury to do so. Not to mention its a great excuse to get together, gossip, drink, gossip more... drink more, and some. No need to think... just the excuse to drink - that's my motto! 

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