May 26, 2009

In Need of a "Really Goode" Job?

For the past few weeks, I've had friends, family and followers forwarding the below opportunity to me encouraging me to apply for a "Really Good Job." And though I haven't (hmmm, maybe I should?) I'd like to cue up the PR genius of Murphy Goode Winery  for each of you... afterall, a PR maven must give props where props are due! 
If you live under a rock, you're probably curious as to what I'm even referring to. Well, its simply this... Murphy Goode in Sonoma County is hiring a social media correspondent to spread the word about its wines through a very nontraditional interview process. The chosen individual will have the ability to learn, taste, tweet, taste more, blog, facebook, yada-yada-yada about all things Murphy Goode and all things wine. Did I mention they'll get $10k/month plus housing? Sign me up! Let's take a vote on who thinks I should apply - get your comments ready... set... GO! 


Amanda said...

It would seriously beeeee a sin if you didn't apply and get this. There's no one better suited to do this!! You're a social media expert, a wine-obsessed bee, and already awesome at PR. This job was made for you! Go get 'em girly! xo

Lindsey said...

Seriously? You even have to question this for a moment?

The D said...

My vote is for taking it! When else are you going to get an opportunity like this thrown at you. Besides, you could talk up the winery with all the trendy boutiques. PLUS sample, travel, and socialize which we all know is in your blood. =) Let me know if you pass on it though, I've got another great person for the job if you don't take it.