May 16, 2011

Spin the Bottle with Six Springtime Reds

I remember middle school like the back of my hand. And I'm sure most of you will agree with me when I say that 7th and 8th grade were the peak of curiosity and start of relationship exploration.

Most of us went on our first dates during this time - likely to the mall or the rolling skating rink, where we could publicly display our affection through copious amounts of handholding and hair petting. And if you were "seriously" involved with someone, like mwah, you likely hit up the local movie theatre and got to split a slushee with your sweetie.

Ah, the days of innocence. Or were they? Truth is, way back when, dating was less than monogamous (as monogamous as dating at age thirteen can be, of course). In fact, it feels, now, that my girlfriends and I were all too eager to "swap" our significant others with one another.

I remember being thirteen and dating the hottest bad boy in school (some things never change - guess which ones we are below - wink, wink). I distinctly remember being approached by one of the "mean girls" during recess one day. She made a snarky remark to my friends and I, and its funny that nearly 15 years later (yes, I'm dating myself) I am recollecting her words verbatim. Whats even funnier, is how I'm finally relating to them...
"You share your men like you share a glass of wine," she said. Ha! Little did I know this girl was on to something I'm sure even she didn't know.

What am I getting at? Well, with wine, fooling around is sometimes better than marriage. Yes, you can pair a nice Cabernet with a hefty steak or a oaky Chardonnay with a white fish -- they are complimentary. But just like relationships, drinking wine doesn't always have to be about abiding by the standards that life lays out for us. In fact, discovery can be way more exciting and you might find things out along the way that spark a new passion in you.

So now, I set the challenge...

I recently had the opportunity to pour (and sippy) some tasteful, tantalizing springtime reds at an event for @NYWineSalon. These wines are stylish for any occasion or pairing, so what I want you to do is grab one and make your own discovery with it. Perhaps its interpreting the aromas or tasting notes, maybe its using one as a base for a delicious new red wine cocktail. Hell, maybe for you it is about finding the perfect food pairing, or even using it to set the ambiance for a hot first date. Its time for you to be your own wine "relationship" tour guide and make your own discoveries.

  • '07 Cedrus Malbec -- a delightful red that combines dark cherry, raspberry and cassis with earthful undertones ($11, 67Wines)
  • '09 Yellow & Black Malbec -- a straightforward 1L boxed wine with youthful black fruit aromas and dark cherry and chocolate notes ($11.99, FranklyWines)
  • '08 Zvy-Gelt Zweigelt -- a super light, fruit-forward Austrian wine with a light spice at the finish ($10.99, 67Wines)
  • '09 Roger Perrin Cotes du Rhone -- a 3L boxed wine thats offers an earthy nose and light tannins on the palate ($35.99, FranklyWines)
  • '09 Charles Smith Velvet Devil Merlot -- a medium wine that combines blackberry, chocolate and light spice ($14.99, FranklyWines)
  • '09 Kanonkop Kadette Pinotage --a unique wine that blends notes of dark fruits, espresso and a hint of smoke ($13.99, FranklyWines)
Now go on, spin the bottle and pucker your lips to something new!