April 6, 2011

2008 "The Crusher" Petit Syrah

I think one of my most favorite things in life is making a discovery, particularly one that has to do with wine, and for that matter wine on a budget. And I'm pretty sure I've talked about discovery, oh like, everyday this week!

Its almost become a passion of mine to search and uncover "diamonds in the rough" within the wine world. And because the space has become more cluttered (and I say that in a positive way) with budget friendly wines, the search has become more engaging for me.

I love the adventure of finding something new and expanding my palate (but not my wallet). Enter The Crusher Petit Syrah from Sebastiani & Sons, my newest favorite "wine find" at an amazing value of just $12.99/bottle!

This wine enraptures you right from the eye with its dark plum, almost ink-like color and light legs. On the nose, a blend of dark fruit - blackberries, plums and blueberries -- and on the palate, the same sweet attributes but with complimentary undertones of cocoa and earth. This wine blended a hue of richness with a soft velvet finish and made more than my heart melt.

Cost: $12.99/bottle
Where to Buy: Bevmax