February 11, 2011

Valentines: Aphrodisiac Food & Wine Pairings

Whether you're in love, looking for love, or trying to get some love, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to make magic happen! And there's no better way to do it than with sexually suggestive food and beverages that make you throw your inhibitions to the wind.

I'm serious! Studies show that alcohol levels can raise the testosterone levels in women, which coincidentally entices those who lack sexual interest and desire. Interest piqued? Then go ahead… light the candles, pop in a little Marvin Gaye and ensure where your night is headed with these de-lush-ious aphrodisiac food and wine pairings from your Lil' WinoBee, which were featured by Redbook this past week!

Wine is the perfect mood setter, and for the "romanticals" out there looking to get the night started with some sustenance, whip up some Sizzling Steak Kabobs and pair with a higher tannic red wine like Zaca Mesa Syrah ($20, BevMo.com). This red offers unique character that blends dark plum notes with deep espresso undertones, and its sure to land you more than one silky finish for the night!

Esporao Private Riserva White ($29.99, WineLibrary.com) offers honeysuckle attributes that pair well with any kind of shellfish, especially the richer ones like oysters, and we all know oysters are the most notorious aphrodisiac food. The zinc found in oysters controls progesterone levels which are said to have a positive effect on the lipido. Bow-chicka-bow-wow!

Wine and chocolate are a match all their own, but they may help you make your own love match. A compound in chocolate, called methylxanine, triggers the release of dopamine in the body often leaving you with a feeling of lovestruck. Try making your sweetie these Chocolate Lava Cakes and serve alongside a sparkling rosé, like Martini & Rossi ($13, Shopper's Wines) which combines an aromatic bouquet and palate of light florals and apricot.

Port Wine is said to be an aphrodisiac all its own, so in the case you have no time (or motivation) to whip up something romantic, simply grab a bottle of white port and some fresh strawberries and cream as studies say pairing the two may promote lovemaking.