February 16, 2011

Kim Crawford Accessorizes Fashion Week

This week's been buzzing with all the hottest new styles during the infamous Mercedes Benz Spring Fashion Week in New York City. But the happenings on the runway weren't the only things catching fashionista's eyes. This year was all about the style you were sipping. Celeb and fashion icons alike (and me, tomorrow) all had the opportunity to grace the tents toting delish Kim Crawford Wines as their latest accessory. As the official wine sponsor of this year's festivities, Kim Crawford definitely got things buzzing... and we got the inside scoop for you!

Crowds came out in droves for the fashion week kickoff event of The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection fashion show at Lincoln Center. While guests sipped on glasses of Kim Crawford Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc out front in the lobby, celebs backstage, including Patti LaBelle, Dita Von Teese, Camilla Alves and her hottie mc-hottie boyfriend Matthew McConaughey sent their reps out to beg for bottles of the Pinot Noir to bring back to them. One bottle, two glasses each. Were they just trying to calm their nerves before the big event or were they actually wanting a true heart health day in honor of the cause?! A glass a day keeps the doctor away!

Other celebs made a bee line for the Wine Bar after the walking the catwalk including Eve, Taraji P. Henson, and Ann Curry, who, when asked about how she felt when walking the runway for the first time, said “I was petrified. Totally petrified. But I just kept telling myself ’I am here to love you all, I am here to love you all.” We love you too, Ann!

Fashion mega-superstar Christian Siriano toasted his new collection with Kim Crawford Wines and his two leading ladies, Gabrielle Union and Mena Suvari. Gabrielle Union rocked some killer shoes and sipped only on Pinot Noir all night while chatting away with an entourage of male friends (where was Dwayne Wade?) - while Mena Suvari stuck to the Sauvignon Blanc and “danced, danced, like it’s the last, last night of her life, life” a la Usher.

MR Patrick Duffy and Pat Cleveland, (the legendary and emblematic supermodel of the 70s and 80s, and the first African American supermodel to grace the cover of Vogue magazine) hosted fellow style gurus Patrick McDonald kicked off the week alongside notorious fashion character Lauren Ezersky and the infamous Anita Aarko at the Kim Crawford wine bar.

And tomorrow the biggest thing to hit the tents since Carrie Bradshaw... Lil' Miss WinoBee! Stay tuned for more Fashion Week fun!