April 6, 2010

Celebrating Easter with Pommery's Springtime Brut Rose

After 40 days/nights of being "dry," I needed to unravel my wine celibacy with something substantial... something bold... something worthy of an Easter egg-stravaganva. So naturally I went to the bubbly!

Most of you know that I'm one of those winos who loves to try new things and believe its important to open your palette to things you may not otherwise want to try - afterall, those are the moments when you make discoveries. But I also think its equally important to keep tabs on the things that you like, so naturally when I find something that grasps my interest, I eventually always go back to it. So, needless to say I had to snag some Pommery for this special occasion!

Now normally I'd immediatley go for the Brut Apanage - I like lots of bubbles and a dry finish - but something steered me different this go around... the eye-opening colors on the bottle of their Springtime collection. Ok, I know its deemed "unacceptable" to play the "uneducated-drinker-choosing-wine-based-on-its-label, but in my eyes sometimes you need to judge the book by its cover... and this time it paid off nicely.

Springtime Brut Rose is part of Pommery's Time vintage champagne collection. Springtime, Summertime, Falltime and Wintertime are all meant to compliment the foods, festivities and lifestyles of each season, so even despite the hot pink and lime green decor on the bottle, Springtime Brut Rose was a natural fit for our Easter Sunday brunch, and added a hint of sophistication to our post-Church morning.

Served in a champagne flute, I accompanied this pale pink champagne with a few blueberries to give it the true essence of spring. Made of a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier blend, its fresh taste was full of life and excellent effervescence, and its bouquet boasted red berries, pomegranates and kiwi. This champagne is surely a sin that won't need any repenting.

Cost: $60/bottle
Where To Buy: NapaCabs.com