April 7, 2010

2004 Oddero Barolo

A friend of mine picked me up a 2004 Oddero Barolo during the holidays and I just had the opportunity to uncork it in my post-Lent beveraging festivities.

Made from an excellent 2004 vintage of nebbiolo grapes, this dry red wine had a lot of traditional characteristics, a balanced taste and moderately tannic finish. On the nose, I noticed some floral notes literally giving the term "bouquet" new meaning for me. On the palette, I got a combination of spices (particularly hints of nutmeg) and dark fruits (like cassis) alongside some more earthy properties, like soil and roses.

Definitely a bottle I would recommend, and although it was delicious to drink now, I could only imagine how much more abundant the attributes of this wine would be it aged a few more years.

Cost: $45/bottle
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