September 15, 2009

Critter Wine Week: Yellowtail

When it comes to fantasy football pools, if you're anything like me, you probably chose your players based of their team colors and mascots. Fact is, there are always “those” people who choose winning picks this way, so its only natural we apply that same strategy with wine at times, too!

Forget variety, region and vintage… some of us simply like to classify our wines based off the furry little animal present on the label. And whether you consider it a marketing gimmick, clever packaging ploy or just a “furry” frenzy, the critter craze is still running rampant.

So, what's a Critter Wine?

  • Definition of a “Critter Wine”: A mass-market wine bearing a cutsy animal-related name that tend not to matter to the affluent (cough, pretentious, cough) wine consumer (well, with the exception maybe of the $1,500 Screaming Eagle).

Fact of the matter is that sales of these barking dogs, cuddly cats, and pretty lil’ birds have prompted an entire new category of wine…and this week, we’re helping you choose the best budget-friendly of pets worth bringing home (hey, you know how much we like themes!)

Our first selection from Down Under continues to be one of our all-time favorites, even at just $7/bottle:

Yellowtail Shiraz

  • Perhaps the “Alpha” critter and most ubiquitous critter wine on the market, this kangaroo has become an icon representing a wine which has never lacked great flavor. Medium-bodied, this Shiraz is perfectly balanced. It boasts a variety of berry aromas – you’ll likely taste some cherry and strawberry, but nothing too fruity. The underpinnings of both spice and vanilla help to even out the overall taste.

Pairing Suggestion: Chicken Cordon Bleu

Retails For: $6.99/bottle

Where to Buy: Jericho Wines