July 5, 2011

Cabo ReWINEd

Hola! It's summertime in Los Cabos and the living is indeed easy. The water is perfect (well, minus the oversized Pacific waves), the fish are jumping, and with high's in the 90s everyday, the weather is unbeatable. Don't believe me? Look at Mama WinoBee and I amidst the endless blue...

Its the ideal setting for vacation, but also to my discovery, a foodie's salvation! From traditional Mexican to extraordinary seafood and classic bistro fare, my personal culinary journey was plentiful (my current waist size is proof!).

And perhaps one of my most enjoyed meals was at La Frida Restaurant, a 2011 AAA Four Diamond Award winner and home to award-winning Chef Antonio De Livier. It wasn't just because of the amazing ambiance, oceanfront views, and overpriced La Crema Chardonnay (cough, $270 pesos, cough) I took in that I made me enjoy this experience most, but rather because of the exceptional blend of flavors and ingredients contained in each portion of my meal - from the best local fish, meats and vegetables to his own adventurous combination of spices. Just look at the artistry of my BlueFin Tuna alone...

On a separate "non-grub-indulging" note, who knew Mexico actually has three regions where they produce wine - the highest producing one being in Baja where Cabo is!? It's true!

The North area includes Baja and Sonora, and then further South is the La Laguna area. Most of these areas have a fairly warm climate, which tend to make Mexican wines spicy, full-bodied and ripe, which is exactly what I experienced with the two wines I tried:

Sandy Hill Sauvignon Blanc
San Vincente, Mexico
Tasting Notes: Super young wine thats very light on appearance, nearly clear. On the nose, a combination of lemon, lime and grapefruit with a surprising hint of papaya. Overly ripe and similar to drinking lemon juice straight from the bottle. Late linger of grassy notes helps subtle acidity a smidge, but overall not a must-have.

Red Clay Cabernet Sauvignon
Pueblo Bonito - Mexico
Tasting Notes: Dark ruby, nearly onyx in color. Plethora of dark red fruits like blackberry and plum with a tobacco undertone. On the finish, overcome with smokey notes.

To live vicariously through my consumption, check out the video blog and pics below... no shoes, no makeup, no problems!