October 20, 2008

Back to Wine 101: Taste

Perhaps the most important trait of your wine is the way it tastes. The flavors in your glass are related to the appearance and bouquet initially confirmed when gathered in steps one and two - appearance and scent. There are four main tastes you are likely to experience with your wine:

  • Sweetness/Dryness - assessed as dry, off dry, medium, medium sweet or sweet
  • Acidity and Tannin - access from low to high; tannins, in a nutshell, are what leaves a "bite" on your tongue and in your mouth
  • Fruit - assessed as high through low; different fruit tastes are apparent dependent upon the wine variety
  • Earth - asses from low through high
Another quick tidbit... if the flavor of the wine remains on your palate for a long time, it is said to have a "long finish." This tends to be a prime sign of a high quality wine. Bring me some! 

With the three main steps described, you're now ready to enjoy a glass yourself. Salut!